My MCAT Study Plan

My MCAT Study Plan

I’ve found that organization is key to doing well and feeling accomplished. Here is a picture of my study plan. You may notice a few abbreviations. That is because I am using TPR resources to study for the exam. If you have any questions about TPR’s online course or if you have used TPR and found certain tools especially helpful, feel free to post a comment.

You may also notice that I’ve fallen a little behind for this week (12/9). The reason for that is two-fold. First: I’ve found that I am much stronger in Biology, G Chem and O Chem and only require 2-5 hours to complete those topics. I assumed it would be the same for Verbal and Physics. Not the case at all! Physics questions are so involved and my AMP modules alone took 3 hours to complete (typically these take 20-30 mins for other subjects). Secondly: life is busy and threw a couple emotion-filled curve balls I was not expecting these past few days.

So the conclusion is to get organized and stick in there. I’m learning to not get upset or too stressed when I fall behind. All that negative energy is not helpful. Instead, take a deep breath, clear your thoughts and move forward. Most importantly, don’t give up!

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One Response to My MCAT Study Plan

  1. Riz says:

    Love it, Ruth! Keep taking steps on the path and it’s inevitable that you’ll reach your destination.

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