Week 2: My MCAT Progress

Week 2: My MCAT Progress

Tis’ the Season.

So once again, you may notice that I am about a day behind on my MCAT study guide. However you will also notice that I kicked butt the last two days (12/16 and 12/17), and today isn’t even over! The reason for the delay this time is that I attended 3 Christmas parties and a baby shower last week. One of the Christmas parties was held at my place! So with a TON of holiday cheer under my belt, I was able to finish out the remaining study portions of the week (the two toughest btw), and I consider myself successful.

However, relating to how I’m studying for the MCAT, I’ve decided to change the way that I study for the Verbal Section. Previously, I had planned to allot a day of the week to study for this section (how I have planned to study for the other sections). However, I have discovered Verbal is a discipline that requires practice and a lot of self-evaluation. Last week, while I was able to complete all of the homework assigned, I found I was not able to digest my mistakes as effectively. So I’ve decided to devote a day to studying Verbal techniques and spread the homework throughout the week. That way the passages will be fresh in my head and ready for self-evaluation. I will do a follow up post next week to let you know how this change worked out. Hope results are positive!

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