Week 7-ish of My MCAT Study

Week 7-ish of My MCAT Study

Despite being behind on my study plan, I consider the amount that I studied last week an accomplishment. I completed 11 squares, which is equivalent to 11 days worth of material. I did all of this and took Sunday off from studying to volunteer and spend time with friends (I must admit that a TPR online system failure did account a little for this break, but I’m glad I took it regardless).

Despite the victory of completing nearly double MCAT material last week, studying definitely had it’s lows. First, carving out THAT much time to study and take care of other needs has been a challenge. My home could definitely use a mop and vacuum right now, and going to bed at 2am is taking me back to undergrad finals week.

Another low, was that I scored 23 on the TPR2 practice MCAT exam. This is my lowest score yet. It made me really question whether the amount I’ve been studying has made a difference. However, in retrospect the practice test did cover a lot of material I have yet to review in my study plan. I will probably take the test again after I’ve caught up with week 5 material and see how it goes.

As I look ahead towards next week, there is definitely still a lot of work to be done to meet my study goals. However, the challenge seems a little less daunting. Even though I am behind and experienced a few lows, I am proud of my accomplishments. My hope going into next week is that I will be able to accomplish even more. It’s tough, but I have learned that life is filled with detours and disappointments. Although swimming against the current is tiring and can really suck, overcoming the challenge makes you stronger.

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One Response to Week 7-ish of My MCAT Study

  1. Fauza says:

    As always, I am proud of you, my love. Here, additionally for the positive outlook you are able to come out with. I hope I can be of help to you with physics or anything else, study material or not.

    I love you.

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