My Progress

My Progress

So I know that I am behind in posting my MCAT study progress on this blog, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been too busy studying to post 😉 Or it could also be that I didn’t have my computer for a time which limited my ability to post a picture of my progress, or maybe I just wanted it to look fuller so I waited. Whatever the cause, here it is as of today.

You may notice that I have fallen behind in Physics. It’s true that most student studying for the MCAT have a weakness with Physics (I am definitely not an exception to this), but my main issue was that I was not understanding the lectures. The TPR teacher was great at teaching mechanics, but seemed everywhere when it came to electrostatics (I got an A+ in my electrostatics course and my husband has a masters in electrical engineering and optics), so I’ve decided to figure out a different route to study for these Physics topics.

As far as good news. I was able to sign up for an MCAT exam!!! There are very few states that are still offering seats for the 2014 exam, so I am grateful that I got in. I’m set to take it in March in the next state over. It’s a drive, but could have been worse.

Also to note, I removed my verbal section of the study chart. This is because I found that verbal need more attention, and a different type of attention that this chart was not able to do to record progress. I will include my verbal chart with the next post.

Closing comments: I am feeling accomplished for getting this far, but definitely know that the fight is not over. I need to see more improvement when it comes to my actual scores on practice exams and have a lot of facts to review and consolidate in my brain. So bring on the flash cards!

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One Response to My Progress

  1. Fauzepe says:

    I wub you my wub! I am very proud of you. For all the progress you have made and the determination you have to keep going. I am glad that we have found some ways to make it a more enjoyable experience and hope we can continue improving that. I go study wi’ you!

    I love you! Muah! (You so pretty)

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