My AMCAS Strategy

My AMCAS Strategy

I took the MCAT! After a lot of time studying and crazy family issues that threatened to derail my focus, I DID IT. Now it’s time to begin the application process. Did you know that you can begin the AMCAS application before you receive your MCAT score and actually before you even take the MCAT? The application opens up tomorrow (May 1st) and can be submitted in June for early evaluation. So if you are planning to take the MCAT this year and want to apply for Fall 2015, my suggestion is to start working on the application now. Many students take MCAT preparation courses during the Summer, so before studying for the exam consumes most of your energy and brain power it would be a great idea to get your creative juices working, submit your application and ask professors for letters of recommendation. Find more information at

My plan is to finish the application, determine if I need to take the exam again and if so add a future exam date to my application. My pre-med advisor said that schools will be able to look at my application with the current exam score. If they are satisfied with my first score they will send me a secondary application, if they would like me to have a higher score they will wait for my second exam scores to send me a secondary. Either way, I benefit. This may be a good strategy to consider if you have decided to take the exam again for a higher score.

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