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My AMCAS Strategy

I took the MCAT! After a lot of time studying and crazy family issues that threatened to derail my focus, I DID IT. Now it’s time to begin the application process. Did you know that you can begin the AMCAS … Continue reading

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For those who require a little inspiration

Love this study encouragement. Definitely helped me refocus and remember the importance of training for the things that matter! With that said, I would not suggest going All Blacks in front of the testing room on the day of your … Continue reading

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Logging Verbal Progress

Here is what my notebook paper looks like. I think it has really helped me to organize how I study for the verbal section. Already I have seen some improvement. I went from scoring 6/7 in the verbal section to … Continue reading

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My Verbal Study Plan

It seems to me that verbal is one of those topics that is easier to ignore, and a little more vague to study. It is something that takes time and practice to master, and unfortunately many premeds try to cram … Continue reading

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My Progress

So I know that I am behind in posting my MCAT study progress on this blog, but perhaps that’s because I’ve been too busy studying to post 😉 Or it could also be that I didn’t have my computer for … Continue reading

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Week 7-ish of My MCAT Study

Despite being behind on my study plan, I consider the amount that I studied last week an accomplishment. I completed 11 squares, which is equivalent to 11 days worth of material. I did all of this and took Sunday off … Continue reading

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Holiday Meltdown

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s certainly been a busy holiday season for me. My husband and I left Christmas day to visit family in Mexico and just returned. My husband’s immediate family had not been in one place … Continue reading

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